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Topic subjectI think the biggest difference
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3629, I think the biggest difference
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Oct-26-03 07:55 PM
...between Europe (pre 17th century) and other early civilizations is the scope. I think imperialism was a much more aggressive policy of "expansionism" that extended its political and economic influence around the globe. The U.S. is the current regime that is the ruling minority (descended from white anglo saxon protestant, immigrant), originally from Europe. Now it's America that has this distinction, not Europe.

By the time the European "forefathers" came to the U.S. the dominant social, political-economic interests of Europe was well underway to expropriate solely for their own benefit the land, labor, raw materials, and markets of other people.

>What of Asia? India, Japan, Korea, China, the Steppe
>Cultures, Thailand, Siam - there is a rich history of
>conquest and cultural hegemony throughout the region that
>dosn't get factored in...

None of these were as agressive and as global reaching. I guess that's where I make the distinction.