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3627, RE: At no time in the history...
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Oct-26-03 06:02 PM
>Carthage as a Western influence? Half their armies were
>Nubian mercenaries.

I definately think Egypt influenced the West. There is a definate kinship between Carthage (Egypt) and Rome.

"The first form of government was therefore that of the colonizer: Mycenaean Greece first had the African model of the state, meaning the Egyptian or AMP states, with its elaborate bureaucratic apparatus; this was the period of palace royalty that was described by Homer..." - from "Civilization or Barbarism" by Cheikh Anta Diop

The rivalry between Carthage and Rome for supremacy and domination of world markets led to the destruction of entire ethnic group (Carthaginians).

>the Industrial Revolution really
>regimentalized Imperial policy. The cold calculating
>methodology of resource acquisition, capital
>distribution,and general fucke-upedness (Look, Ma! I
>invented a WORD!) might be a European invention, but even

This was just a progression of what came before, some call it evolution.

>Like I said: I understand you, I just don't agree.

That's cool.