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3626, RE: At no time in the history...
Posted by dhalgren718, Sun Oct-26-03 05:06 PM
Ooooooooh... I don't know if I buy that. I mean, I definitely understand what you're saying, but I don't agree.

Carthage as a Western influence? Half their armies were Nubian mercenaries. They were based out of N. Africa, which would mean Kemetic and African influences on THEIR culture.

And the 'at no time else' you've mentioned- I believe there was a period called the 'Dark Ages' in Europe, the Mongol Conquests, and a few other periods that were as bad, if not worse, than today. In terms of the sheer brutality, let me put it like this: the Industrial Revolution really regimentalized Imperial policy. The cold calculating methodology of resource acquisition, capital distribution,and general fucke-upedness (Look, Ma! I invented a WORD!) might be a European invention, but even then... Confucianism put forth that everyone had their place, and if you stepped out of line, you got >ahem< bucked.

Like I said: I understand you, I just don't agree.