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3625, At no time in the history...
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Oct-26-03 04:59 PM
...of human kind has a culture or a civilization decimated others in such a manner. Nothing has had such an impact as the treaties aforementioned on global affairs to date.

Every general you mentioned had a strong Western influence. For example, Hannibal Barca came up at the end of the "early replublic" or conquest of Italy. This was only after various treaties such as the Treaty of 348 BC when Carthage granted to Roman traders entry to the ports of Africa, Sardinia, Sicily...these are Western developments, during a time when the lines between the West and upper Africa began to blur or converge.

This is all still Western history and it took the Enlightenment to create the kind of exploration that would lead to the real domination (the West against the world). I think that humankind was comprised either of the people who were greedy (Westerners) and those who were so-called "primitive". The former thought they had a right to the other. Carthage and Rome/Italy (Greeks) is the foundation of the West, esp. the European "enlightenment". The premise I am writing about begins here, when man's struggle to dominate became more important that living in harmony with the Earth.

>Wholesale rape of the environment is a little more European
>- as is the demonization of nature.

Exactly but the beginnings of this can be seen early in Western history.