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Topic subjectYes they fit that description of imperialism
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3613, Yes they fit that description of imperialism
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Oct-26-03 11:49 AM
Ever heard of Genghis Khan? Surely you've heard tell of him and the Mongol Empire he created. If you want to look this stuff up, wikipedia is a pretty good place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongols#History

"Though few in number (approximately 200,000 people at the height of their empire), Mongols were important in world history. Under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Mongols created the largest land empire in world history, ruling 13.8 million square miles and more than 100 million people. At their height, they controlled most of China, Korea, Afghanistan , Georgia , Armenia, Russia, and Hungary, and the lands between."

>Also, are saying that those that you
>have chosen to name are the initiators
>of imperialism? If so, please provide
>some type of verifiable data to help me
>understand, I'm really intrigued by this
>subject matter...Peace

That too: "Asia, Russia, and the Middle East were either declining kingdoms, or divided city states. , the Mongols exploited this power vacuum and linked all of these areas into a mutually supporting trade network."

- and they were pretty brutal in going about it: :

1200, Northern China - Unknown number killed
1215, Yanjing China (today Beijing) - Unknown number killed
1221, Nishapur, Persia - ~1.7 million killed in assault
1221, Merv, Persia - ~1.3 million killed in assault
1221, Meru Chahjan, Persia - ~1.3 million killed in assault
1221, Rayy, Persia - ~1.6 million killed in assault
1226, Tangut Campaign - Gengis Khan launches war against the northern China people of Tangut.
1258, Baghdad - ~800,000 people. Results in destruction of Abbasid dynasty
1226-1266 (re-check dates) - ~18 million reported killed in conquest of northern Chinese territory. This number estimated by Kublai Khan himself.

- pretty nasty stuff for some non-Europeans, huh? You can look up the rest yourself if you want.

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