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Topic subjectWhen a minority rules outside of its own...
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3612, When a minority rules outside of its own...
Posted by Intelligently95, Sun Oct-26-03 11:12 AM
province (for lack of a better word)
meaning controlling the laws,
political climate & economics
of another jurisdiction...coupled by
from the majority that you are
ruling to be utilized as a viaduct
for the facilitating purposes of
oppressive practices, then this is

Now the cultures/ethnicities & or
nationalities that you have chosen to
name, do
they fit the aforementioned template
of imperialism, or am I off base
in my thinking?

Also, are saying that those that you
have chosen to name are the initiators
of imperialism? If so, please provide
some type of verifiable data to help me
understand, I'm really intrigued by this
subject matter...Peace