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3603, yup...
Posted by okaycomputer, Sun Oct-26-03 07:07 AM
the industrial revolution started in europe, they had the natural resources and thus they eventually had the power. Had the industrial revolution started somewhere else the results would most likely be the similar. Like you said, it started where it did for geographical reasons just as much as cultural. Anytime there is a giant leap in technology those that cannot afford to keep up are hurt...now not affording means not having enough money when then it was not having the geographical means..

When you least expect it. While you eat your breakfast. Hot fructose corn syrup as a main ingredient to beat you senseless. Your bleeding head splits. Needlessly pulling teeth at the dentists’. I’ll get you baby, people are people: weak and defenseless. In a rat trap making you think there’s cheese at the exits. Feeding the pretentious vegetarian sneaking meat in their lettuce. You’ve got it all…upside down, hung by your feet with a necklace…especially if its made of hemp. Imma get you raising the rent while lower your paycheck. File for bankruptcy but see y’all still manage to stay in debt. That’s the American way of the World Trade train wreck. Imma get you baby, baby with a ugh rain of the tech…nology to make you obsolete like cassettes in your tape deck. Televisions used to water down your thoughts and leave your brains wet. Keep talking revolution, well aint shit changed yet. They’re vague threats, no matter how bold the print. Putting aluminum in you underarm deodorant. Fooled you into thinking breast cancer was better than body odor stink. B-B-Bad to the bone, like the Coca-Cola you sip. I’ll get you baby giving you only soda to drink. Makin you go to the shrink to control what you think. Deceptive teeth biting off the protective sheath over your dick. And even if you don’t smoke, got a second hand to choke you with. I’m old and sick and too broken to fix. Holy Shit, I’m gonna getcha.

Sage Francis.