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34090, The Red Brotherhood
Posted by Kevan, Fri Aug-08-08 05:48 PM


A RED BROTHERHOOD APPEARS IN EUROPE; Terrorizing the Balkans with Dynamite and the Torch, Backed by Plentiful Funds.
January 9, 1912, Tuesday

PARIS, Jan. 8. -- An account of a new and mysterious political association, known as the "Red Brotherhood," which has made its appearance in the Balkans and to which a long list of bloody crimes is attributed, is cabled to-night by the Salonika correspondent of Le Temps.
The "Red Brotherhood" is an international secret society resembling the "Black Hand" in many ways and hardle less deadly. On paper bearing of representation of the rising sun, with skull and crossed swords beneath, the members have addressed letters to the Turkish Government, the Committee on Union and Progress, (Young Turks,) and the Turkish, Bulgarian, and Servian press, preaching the gospel of terror and violence in the cause of the liberty of the Balkan peoples.
"The fate of the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan States," say the Red Brethren in this manifesto, "will in all likelihood be in the near future that of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Tripoli, and Persia. The progress and liberty of the Balkan peoples can
only be safe-guarded through the co-operation of all, and carried into effect through the common effort of the democratic and revolutionary forces of all these peoples.
"In the name of liberty and progress we raise the standard of revolutionary conflict without truce or quarter--the standard of Balkan revolution.
"To terror we shall respond by terror, to violence by violence. We shall raise the blood-stained sword of revolution against the forces of reaction. Patriots and
revolutionaries, gather about this standard, which alone is saving, which alone is sacred!"
The "Red Brotherhood" keeps its secrets well. The indentity of the members is a mystery, as also the source of their funds, which, it is rumored, are immense. All its members now working in Bulgaria are said to be foreigners, and it acts quite independently
of the Bulgarian bands. It is suspected to have a close connection with the company of young Anarchists which burnt the Ottoman Bank and provoked a brief reign of terror in
Salonika in April, 1903.
The Red Brethren are accused of having assassinated five Mussulman merchants near Istib a few months ago, of having attacked a postal convoy near Strumitza last July, netting over $5,000, and of being the authors of various dynamite outrages perpetrated on the Macedonian railways. Moreover, they are believed almost certainly to have been responsible for the infernal machine which exploded in a railway station on the Salonika-Constantinople line, killing two persons.
The centres of their operations in the Balkans at present appear to be in the districts of Strumitza, Kumanova, and Krateva.
There is the gravest apprehension throughout the Balkans in view of the mysterious brotherhood's manifesto.