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Topic subjectRE: it depends. in the spiritual life, do we serve it or does it serve us?
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34085, RE: it depends. in the spiritual life, do we serve it or does it serve us?
Posted by Kozmikblak, Thu Aug-21-08 01:37 PM
I would say it is a 2way street and neither serves but works together.

>can what we do with that information help us in the battle
>against this monster?
>or does the information that provides us the understanding as
>to what this monster entails provide us with a way to figure
>out how to battle it or even apply the spiritual
>understandings in a forward manner?

This is assuming that we should be battling this "monster". This "monster" and what it entails is proposed to be so grand what makes you think you or a small few can bring it down? A large majority though not directly in on it are close enough that they will support it. I understand diseminating the information for people to see it. How many will see and not care? I'm willing to bet more than those who will. Some of us look at and think if everyone could see what I see how could they not rise up against. That is looking at the situation with blinders and believe everyone sees how you see and believes how you believe. Spending time trying to get everyone to see as you see and believe as you believe while the "monster" is bearing down on you will get you eaten first. Because your at the back of the crowd trying to push them in the direction you want them to go. Lead my dude and let those who wish to follow do so. Maybe this isn't even your fight.

>or is it that the spiritual understanding is all we really
>need and by moving deeper into it, we become better people
>thereby affecting our world for the better?

This is possible, but I don't know for sure.

>can the spiritual life teach us about our world without ever
>having to observe it on our own without the infomation gained
>from intuition?
>or can both paths work together?

I believe they work together.