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Topic subjectyet common wealth is common poverty
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34034, yet common wealth is common poverty
Posted by Kevan, Thu Aug-07-08 11:22 AM
at least its been changed to that

common from the Latin communis meaning "in common, public, general, shared by all or many,"

public meaning "of or pertaining to the people" as well as "open to all in the community" I'm not people or a person, I'm a MAN, at least I'd like to think so. However, none of my paperwork says I am. aha aha

public schools
public transportation
public relations (LOL at this one)
public enemy
publicans - tax man
publicity - "good vs bad publicity (condition of being public)
publication - the act of making PUBLICLY known

so America is the task force of the Commonwealth. We know most people out here aren't wealthy. Someone's getting it.

Serfs up dude!