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Topic subjectprecisely.. Debit Cards/VISA
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33987, precisely.. Debit Cards/VISA
Posted by AquamansScience, Thu Aug-07-08 01:01 PM
Debt to Satanism.
Funding the Royal Crown.

Man's ultimate ideology is to be God hence the Royal Crown.
Ever wonder why it rains in London all the time.. sidebar rant from Aqua.

Interestingly enough...
what gets me is the lack of insight.
For example. Mau777 posted the relatively simple story about a man and his dog and heaven versus hell.
Even with that, most people will not understand that Vatican City drips in Gold. Sigh.
Fair enough.
Remember the Satanist mark the 666

VI - 6
S - 6
A - 6

remember that?

Ironically, I was in the Bank of America today...
in Baltimore..
and the first thing you see when you walk in the bank...
a seal on the floor...
of a huge merchant boat.

Merril Lynch.
I mean.

and yes Mau..
I know Merritime isn't a word and Mer isn't a prefix.
Pay attention.