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33972, fox...goodness
Posted by jahlove7, Sat Aug-09-08 10:58 AM

>monopolies are not bad if they are achieved through the
>voluntary payments of consumers. clearly you dont understand
>the difference between the free market (which i favor) and a
>controlled economy (which we in the US have and you favor
>which govt interference inadvertantly creates.)
>regardless, there is nothing wrong with working hard to make
>yourself more comfortable so long as you do it without
>infringing on another persons right to also achieve that goal.
>this is basic stuff that you should know by now so i am not
>going to explain it all.
>in the end, it sounds like you are suggesting that being
>productive is satanic while being lazy is godly. that is
>pretty interesting way of rationalizing your uselessness to
>our culture.

do you really believe this? i'm hoping you're just joking us...