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Topic subjectciti is italian for cite which is the root of city, citation and citizen
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33965, citi is italian for cite which is the root of city, citation and citizen
Posted by Kevan, Wed Aug-06-08 07:17 PM
>now when you get the chance.. .
>cover the idea of City Bank/ Citibank....

cite means to summon or cause to move. the Old French is "citer" and Latin "citare"
city - Old French "cite"
citation - Old French "citation"
citizen - Old French "citeain"

so Citibank is the Citizen's bank which means basically the same as Bank of America. i'm not sure specifically.

I checked on America and something interesting on that - The name Amerigo is Germanic, said to derive from Gothic Amalrich, literally work-ruler or designator of tasks.

also of note, labor in the wider sense is taken by the equivalent of the English "travail" meaning "body of laborers considered as a class" (usually contrasted to capitalists) is from 1839; Labour "the British Labour Party." I'm thinking we're quite possibly connected somehow to the British Labour party?

>I'll explain the worshiping of the water god...
>in relationship to Satanism...
>christianity (the fish)
>the pope (who wears a fish on his hat)

I'm familiar with Dagon represented on the Pope's mitre and the carry-over into Christianity as the Piscean age continues with fish throughout the writings. I think I know where you are going with this. I'm a little familiar with this information but you've laid it out in connection to now (which I couldn't see before thus went back to trusting religion) beautifully. are you saying that the entire priesthood of Christianity/Judaism is not something unique and separate as taught and therefore thought, but a continuation of the same group that has taken a different identity due to the shift in astrological ages from Taurean (fertility cults), Aries/Ares/Aryan to Piscean (Christianity)?

>and how that translates into banking and law

yeah I'd like to see that
>the Knights of Templar... setting up the first Bar Association
>in America...

don't know how that connects but if the courts and banks are basically the same and the BAR is British Accredited Registry, then I'd think it was all set up to keep paying the Crown of England since we are still in debt to him for covering our debt from bankruptcy. Also since the Vatican controls the Crown and they pay tithes to the Vatican which I believe we the citizens are paying.

also I know British is derived from covenant which is "brith"
like in B'nai B'rith.
>keep in mind..
>to protect money... what is used?

well it's not the FDIC lol. human capital. we get birth certificates since we are birthed in the womb which is similar to a ship being at the dock or better yet, berth. They dock our pay if we get out of line and the dock is where the accused stand in court and they read us on the court docket. dock originally meant "to lead" and was from the Latin "ducere" which means duke.

to bring this full circle, cite meaning summon or to cause to move in the thesaurus has order and command as synonyms. So our dukes/leaders cite us, the citizens with citations to the dock/court where we are accused. Accuse is from the Latin "accusare" which is "to call to account." You've already explained account.

>that's right. Watermarks.

ahh that's right. very nice.

my source was the Online Etymology Dictionary