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Topic subjectORANGEandBLUE from OKP better never see this paragraph!
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33808, ORANGEandBLUE from OKP better never see this paragraph!
Posted by isaaaa, Fri Feb-15-08 08:00 PM
>"I am quite clear that the Palestinians, what they are
>experiencing, is infinitely worse than what we have ever
>experienced under apartheid, and the price that they have to
>pay for resistance much more horrendous, in at least several
>different areas. the white people in South Africa
>had never envisaged their futures entirely without Blacks.
>What people created these Bantustans, and these Bantustans
>were going to be reservoirs of labor that white people needed.
>White people needed Black people, and needing of
>Black people, there was a combination--there was a benign-ness
>in the middle of all of this repression. Many whites actually
>grew up fond of Blacks. "Oh, Blacks as our housekeepers,
>Blacks as our gardeners, Blacks as nannies for the children."
> "There was never actually a move to wipe Black people
>out of South Africa."

I could go in on dude, but he ain't here to retort.


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