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33796, co-sign all of this
Posted by Amritsar, Sat Feb-16-08 12:37 PM
>>what other country do you see dozens of "quasam" missiles
>>dropping daily for seven years while we still supply gaza
>>electricity,gas and food??? and this is after Israel
>>from the gaza strip !
>>I guess you don't know much about the complicated situation
>>around here and you too is only fed by the media.
>>hit me via mail here if you really wanna reason about it.
>the quassams have killed less than 15 people in their 8 year
>existnece. meanwhile israel murders that many and more in one
>and get it straight, you dont "supply" gaza with shit,
>especially not food. what you mean to say is that you spared 1
>electrical plant from your bombing campaign and allowed in
>just enough oil for it not to completely shut down. dont
>complain about supplying inadequate infrastructure when you
>violently prevent a population from building any of their
>by the way...oil, food, electricity...these are just some of
>the essentials that an occupying power is required by
>international law to supply those it occupies with. and
>yes...gaza is still occupied. despite what you hear in israel.
>and you got the nerve to tell people not to believe everything
>they hear in the media.
>gaza's borders-completely controlled by israel
>gaza's air and sea space-completely controlled by israel
>everything coming in and out of gaza-completely controlled by
>all vital infrastructure-completely controlled by israel
>constant military incursions and kidnappings
>troops stationed inside of gaza
>-thats a fucking occupation. and the rest of the world knows
>it. idiots like you sit in your israeli cafes and want to tell
>the world that they cant judge israelis without seeing israel
>for themselves. we palestinians know exactly how you live...if
>only you could get a glimpse of how we live for 24 hours. you
>will never know the pain or despair.
>israelis think gaza is nothing but a bunch of animals firing
>rockets cause they hate israelis and jews. 2/3 of gaza is made
>up of refugees. nobody comes from gaza. gaza is literally
>fighting so we can all go home. nothing will change until you
>recognize that you've built your country on our ruins, and
>tried to erase our existence. let gaza be a reminder to all of
>you that we will not stop until every one of us walks back
>into his house. that is our human right. it's not yours to
>deny us. your ashkelon was our 'azkalan. your bitshiva was our
>bir al sab'a. you are a country of thieves. you and the people
>sitting on my family's furniture, in our house...
>it's mindblowing to me that you could know so little about
>what your country does in your name. mindblowing to me the way
>you look at the israeli disengagement. there is a reason we
>have no faith in your public, and there is a reason that
>eventually the public becomes accountable for the acts of its

It is mindblowing how this dude could know so little about what is going on in his country. But keep in mind they make everybody enlist in the military there, so just imagine the level of his brainwashing