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Topic subjecti hope you can find a way to share what you have learned
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33773, i hope you can find a way to share what you have learned
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Feb-04-08 08:45 AM
more broadly with the young brothers and sisters who are trying to be change agents in their communities but finding a lack of support from the old guard

*we would be willing to pay for you to come out and talk about your experiences in Tel Aviv...have a forum with young activists and artists. let me know if there's time in your schedule.*

the art students of color where i teach are so excited about what you are doing and they are trying to overcome so many obstacles and are so afraid to be agents of change. we have a Visiting Artists Program which brings to the college artists, teachers, and lecturers of color. Past lecturers include Amiri Baraka, Melvin Edwards, Arthur Jafa, Lorraine O'Grady, Sharon Patton, John Scott and Fred Wilson