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33758, RE: hi !
Posted by Gspot, Sat Feb-02-08 08:33 PM
i'll say it again

Erykah you took our breath away,
You stole our hearts,
You blew our minds,
You massaged our souls.

Thank U for the ultimate hiphop-soul experience,
And thank you for being soooo Down with the people...

I hope the small part we played in your journey was fun,
That's what the Gspot is mostly about...fun - and hiphop.

Your ultimate performance of "love of my life (hiphop)" made over 5000 israeli heads bob, this is not something to sneeze at as hiphop is very young and fragile in israel, and soul music often misunderstood.

Thanks for being a part of the hiphop soul revolution not only worldwide but specifically in the land of milk, honey, cement walls and tel aviv freaks.

You and your gang will always be welcome here...Next time we'll have the cranberry juice all set up...


PS Next lifetime made me shiver

Nir aka DJ $upreme,
Owner & resident dj, GSPOT.