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Topic subjectRE: going to israel in few days..
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33729, RE: going to israel in few days..
Posted by invincilana, Tue Jan-29-08 01:38 PM
peace sis. hope this finds you well :)
this is invincible-we worked together years ago on the lyricist lounge show...wutupdoe!
i saw you were looking for people to connect with while on your trip, and for feedback on the situation.
i lived there til i was 7, and returned for the first time this past august,to run hip-hop workshops with youth in the West Bank. (to give you a sense of the intensity of the matter, my israeli family who i hadn't seen since i left the first time refused to speak to me or see me when they found out i was working with Palestinians). Myself and a youth leader from the youth program i work with in Detroit went through a new project called the Youth Solidarity Network, which links youth activists in the struggle in the US with Palestinian youth organizations out there.

check out one of the digital stories the youth made here:

another project i've been involved with is a powerful documentary called SLINGSHOT HIP-HOP about the Palestinian hip-hop movement. it recently was screened at Sundance. check out the trailer here:

the main group in the film is called DAM and they are good friends of mine who i would love for you to meet. check out the video to their song about treatment of Palestinians in 48 (israel's 48 borders):

i realize you'll be busy but if you can make time i feel it would be priceless to link with DAM while you're out there. they live not far from ben gurion airport, and give amazing tours of their city Lidd (lod in hebrew).

also, there is a Palestinian brother named Abu Hassan in Jerusalem who gives alternative tours that are MIND BLOWING. very deep first hand perspective on the Palestinian displacement happening in Jerusalem, where the wall is being built etc.

leme know if you're interested, or you if you have any questions, and i can happily link yall!!!

last but not least, if you want to see the West Bank for yourself i could link you with the community centers we worked in last august, and some of the activists who take international travelers on tours of the area to show you around. There are many inspiring projects going on despite the hellish conditions for instance: http://palestinefairtrade.org/
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hopefully your promoters have taken care of most of your needs but if you have questions about security, etc. dont hesitate to ask.
From my experience, the only thing you have to worry about is Israeli security and soldiers, Palestinians will not harm you,or even look at you the wrong way, (although some people might be dissappointed by you performing in the midst of a cultural boycott to put pressure on israel,though i'm sure you weren't made aware of that ahead of time).

i trust you share the strong desire for justice needed in Palestine, and worldwide...you already work for it here, and thats where true solidarity begins. lemme know any ways i can support you making the most of your time there. regardless i'll keep you in my thoughts.
in love n struggle,