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Topic subjectRE: going to israel in few days..
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33727, RE: going to israel in few days..
Posted by Funati, Tue Jan-29-08 05:49 AM
i can't believe all the ignorance that goes around here
if u haven't LIVED in Israel and saw the struggle in your own eyes, don't talk about it. i believe most of u used the quote "don't believe everything you read" at least once in your lifetime. so don't believe everything the news feeds you!

dear Erykah.
we are honored to see you preform here in Israel and i just can't wait. the Israeli crowed is warm and loving and i know your in for a big surprise.
i'mma sign off like a lot of people said before me - DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! come and see for yourself.

peace and much love