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Topic subjectRE: going to israel in few days..
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33708, RE: going to israel in few days..
Posted by rapitt, Sat Jan-26-08 05:51 AM
I have always respected you, your presence and your music.
But let me just say this one thing.

Just leave them be.

It is not in your nor my authority to heal or destroy them.
The matter is of their own, and more than you respect them enough to
run to their aid, you should first respect the fact that this matter
is much bigger and deeper for it to be debated over the people of
nations that are foreign to them.

We DO NOT have ANY rights to barge into their doors and tell them
what to think or how to act, regardless of how beneficial (from our
point of view,) it may be to their well-being.

And that, is the very definition of "respect" from one nation to another, and that is also the very definition of "freedom."