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Topic subjectThe world is f*cked up everywhere really....
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33638, The world is f*cked up everywhere really....
Posted by GdChil1, Mon Jan-07-08 10:02 AM
>yo girl there is plenty of shit that needs fixing here in the
>good ol US of A...and sad shit here as well.

Perfection only exists within our simple human heads...conflict has been and will forever be a vital staple in the human diet. We will never rid the world of it, we just need to learn better ways to manage or exist with it. You can't get water from fire, and you will never get peace from pain.

If I got into an accident and I broke cut my nose and I broke my foot, do I ignore the pain in my foot and only concentrate on the cut on my nose? Just because my nose is closest to my face, doesn't mean I ignore the condition in my foot. They are both part of the greater whole, the body. Just because there are f*cked up conditions close to home, doesn't mean I ignore other f*cked up conditions in Israel, Africa, etc. They are all part of the greater whole, the world.