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Topic subjectRE: great points... but we went through this before...
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33622, RE: great points... but we went through this before...
Posted by Nettrice, Fri Jun-09-06 02:10 PM
So you take that taxpayer power and real estate and create opportunities for those who otherwise would not have the access. As long as the folks who are in power want the master culture/canon it will exist but we can be more proactive about it. Magic Johnson did it. Bill Cosby and others have done the same from their own corners. I make sure I teach the non-western stuff in my classes and train teachers to do the same.

>because you may be of a stable background (which you are...
>you were saying before the power of your mother, which is

Actually, my mother was bi-polar and racism often precipitated her illnesses. Our lives were far from stable but she was still able to make sure going to the library, seeking q&a became a habit for her kids.

>while we can counter it personally...

We need to counter it via our communities.

>we should still hold
>society at large accountable for teaching our babies this

Yes and we also need to supplement it.

>We know our community is fucked up... so the question
>becomes... how will it affect 75 percent of our community
>(just throwing a number out there) who may not have that

Our society is fucked up, so my issue is how to take what's there and build on it.