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33619, remember this?
Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri Jun-09-06 09:46 AM
Here is the problem…

Imagine you are the only black child in a classroom filled with white children…
And you go through your history books and they cover…
European History
The Kings and Queens of Europe
The Crusades
The Roman Empire
American History
The Revolutionary War
Manifest Destiny
The Civil War
And then they get to Black History
Slavery (cause they always start there)
Civil Rights
Michael Jordan (right! Lol)

Ok cool… remember how that felt? Now imagine from the perspective of a white child and how absolutely empowering that must have felt, and confusing. It sets a tone… it tells white children that their so called Serial Killing Forefathers were great men… when really they were not. This is the same thing… if every time they review history they are the Kings, Leaders of this world… you couple that with films that promote the exact same agenda, whether subliminally or not… that’s how superiority complex’s are created. Sure we know it’s some simple shit… but you would be surprised how many people don’t know.