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Topic subjectLOTR and Kong are completely different. LOTR is steeped in
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33618, LOTR and Kong are completely different. LOTR is steeped in
Posted by poetx, Wed Jun-07-06 09:22 AM
the ancient lore and fables of yt. it's 'cism content is there to the extent that damn near any product of white culture contains cism, because it is all drawing from their collective wellspring and idealized sense of Self and Other.

if you are writing in the english language and not ACTIVELY seeking to confront the inherent cism in the culture, you almost cannot help but produce something that has racist undertones, because the very language we typing in does. white = good, black = evil. that shit is so basic most white folks don't even see it. and it's endemic. pj couldn't change but so much. was folks 'posed to be raiding the green tower of mordor ('mor' / 'moor', etc. btw, that mud shit was a reach, whoever posted that).

LOTR is only racist in the sense that cinderella and snow white an all that other shit is racist.

king KONG on the other fucking hand, is a product of that same white mentality and, on top of that, heaped w/ 'birth of america' type white insecurity and virulent cism. but again, all that shit was in the original flick, the remakes, and in this one, as well. it's y i ain't go see it in the theatre. i never liked that shit. however, watching it on dvd, the shit *seemed* to me to be fairly over the top and obvious. my conclusion is that pj was well aware of the undertones and putting it out there on purpose (to what end, to make people think of it?)

similarly, in willy wonka, originally the oompa loompas were from africa (in the book). they changed that shit up before they made the first flick. so they exist in our popular imagination as orange. had they been a bunch of 'pygmys' (that's perjorative, i know) in the original flick, would tim burton have had the nuts to make them orange in the current version? good question.

how would yt react to a giant albino gorilla?

who the fuck cares, really.

i did get a kick out of kong smashing them white batches to the ground for being the 'wrong one'. ion't know what symbolic purpose it served but it was funny as hell.

peace & blessings,


sigless for the summer, y'all.