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Posted by Daggoo, Wed May-31-06 10:03 AM
I haven't seen anything of Peter Jackson's since *Heavenly Creatures*, which is an incredible film. So I'm inclined to give him a little bit of benefit of the doubt.

The racism in all versions of *King Kong* is hardly subliminal. It's so nakedly colonialist and full of white paranoia that it makes you want to laugh. Or cry. Or scream, or some combination of those.

LOTR is rooted in Celtic myth, which in this day and age looks a heck of a lot like an excuse not to hire people of color. Its romanticized vision of a medieval Europe where white folks don't have or want any contact with the rest of the world is silly and inaccurate, a fantasy only a couple of doors down from white supremacy, which, as we know, is as real as the unicorns and gnomes and leprechauns and shit that it revels in.