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Topic subjectRE: Let's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
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33608, RE: Let's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
Posted by Reslim, Sun Jan-01-06 08:02 AM
by relating king kong to the black man what the hell are you saying about black people?!?! are you trying to say black people are apes?!?! nigga please!!! your clutching for strings here just for the sake of complaining about something in an attempt to make yourself and others feel victimized. The whole thing about how the king of the jungle can tear down planes but bows down to a blonde woman is a metaphor for men in general.. not neccesserally to bow down to a blonde woman persay, but to bown down to a beautiful woman in general. It is true, wether you wanna believe it or not.. any man can be tamed by the right woman. You could put tyra banks infront of the most thugged out group of cats you can find, and I guarantee you that they`ll be acting like little bitches around her in hopes to scratch some of that kittie. King Kong may have slightly sexist udnertones within the movie, but their aint anything racial going on there and the same thing goes for LOTR. I think you need to take a good look at yourself and ask, if perhaps, you might be the racist one, constantly SEARCHING for racism to give yourself an excuse to call others racists and instigate "racial sides to be taken".. there for being the racist yourself.