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Topic subjectI mostly agree with this
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33604, I mostly agree with this
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Jan-01-06 05:29 AM
>the subliminal racism in king kong and lotr deserves
>disscussion. my honest oppinion is that peter jackson doesn't
>care. he doesn't need to. he's made millions, and i'm sure
>he's had a tremendous amount of fun. we cannot discredit a
>giant machine called hollywood and the western media, which
>i'm sure we could provide many more articles etc to back up
>claims of degenerate disrespectfull intentional portrayals of
>people of color and other instances of blatant racism.

and this...

>what business do we have going to the movies in the first
>place? wasting our output on a machine that denigrates and
>degrades us at every turn!

But after seeing The Boys of Baraka and Born in Brothels I am reminded that there are lots of films that are independent and worthy of mention.

>the only reason we should be there is to learn how to do it
>ourselves, and then DO IT!
>i understand the ammount of time money and just raw energy it
>takes to produce market and distribute any media. i think it's
>high time that we establish more of our own, independent,
>culturally conscious black media. and then carry that up high
>like a beacon.

There are lots of new advancements in media distribution such as RSS/podcasting/vodcasting that democratize media production. If people really wanted to make their own media they would. I do.

>i'm sure it would shine much brighter then recycled bullshit
>covered in glossy special effects.

I like special effects but not solely. I like to be entertained but not at the expense of my self-esteem and worth.