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33603, thanks.
Posted by urthanheaven, Sun Jan-01-06 03:18 AM
for creating this discussion. and thank you to all those who submitted the written articles on the subject. they have been thought provoking, and have helped to flesh out what i and many other people of color intrinsically feel.

the subliminal racism in king kong and lotr deserves disscussion. my honest oppinion is that peter jackson doesn't care. he doesn't need to. he's made millions, and i'm sure he's had a tremendous amount of fun. we cannot discredit a giant machine called hollywood and the western media, which i'm sure we could provide many more articles etc to back up claims of degenerate disrespectfull intentional portrayals of people of color and other instances of blatant racism.

western media and hollywood.

and then american culture and western culture. from the root to the fruit. a leopard doesn't change it's spots.

i especially appreciate the references to post modernism's tendencies to produce nothing as an output while criticising everything.

so, it is a given that many white people (arguably by definition) are racist, and thus their actions and thoughts carry out the agenda of racism (sometimes subconsiously). the question would be what are we going to do about it? how can you use this information to further your/our cause?

what business do we have going to the movies in the first place? wasting our output on a machine that denigrates and degrades us at every turn!

the only reason we should be there is to learn how to do it ourselves, and then DO IT!

i understand the ammount of time money and just raw energy it takes to produce market and distribute any media. i think it's high time that we establish more of our own, independent, culturally conscious black media. and then carry that up high like a beacon.

i'm sure it would shine much brighter then recycled bullshit covered in glossy special effects.

cause i know it does for me. and i know i'm not alone.