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Topic subjectExactly and you know what's funny...
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33598, Exactly and you know what's funny...
Posted by AquamansWrath, Wed Jan-04-06 05:00 PM
What is ill is all the cats that feverishly try to tell you to NOT THINK THIS. Isn't that foul in itself? These are your thoughts, this is what you feel, questions that come up in your mind, when you see such a film.

Now as to further, King Kong, the giant black animal, this film shows you his capture, his sexual desire (the petite blonde white female) that although he can fight dinosaurs... he defends this little white blonde, and he comes head to head with the system, while climbing a phallic symbol. He is then gunned down after a witch hunt, a public lynching. And while this next statement is funny, it does raise a few questions. You never see his penis. A giant ape. Hmm.
The castration of Kong?

BTW there was another Kong Movie on where he had a wife. Yup. A female Kong... they brought both Kong's to the US where they gave him heart surgery. A white dude brought em. A white female doctor worked on em. While Kong was clearly dedicated and in love with his Female Kong (I'm not making this shit up... worst film ever)... well... that's right... open heart surgery proved to much for him and he fell in love with the female doctor. Amazing.