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33588, RE: No your wrong
Posted by J-Maestro, Sat Dec-24-05 02:43 PM
The whole story of King Kong IS to depict Males with melanin. In looking at this, you have to ask the questions.
1. Why were the women in both the original and new one both depicted as blonde haired white women in distress? A lot of "Black" males throughout history has seen white+blonde as a prize.
2. Why is king kong depicted as a BLACK ape (remember people of color were once and probably are still referred to as "monkey.")
3. All of the whites were terrified of king kong (Fear of a Black Planet through stronger genetics. This would explain the symbolism with king kong "the Black ape" kidnapping the blonde haired white women with the end result being the whites shooting off a high building to show king kong "the Black ape" and the world not to mess with their women and with that their blood. Remember the whole time "whites" are terrified.)
4. Common Sense. Original debut in "1933". That alone should at least account for something.
5. Hollywood is no mistake. They don't make movies just for entertainment purposes. It only entertains the makers and the followers. Look beyond the special effect images. Racism IS deep. >"racism was largely created by slavery not by intellectuals."
Racism IS much deeper than we probably think. Intellectuals have been and still are in fact the leaders of Racism. Who do you think devised this plan of Racism that has us in chains even more today? This system was effective hundreds of years ago and it is still proven to be effective probably even more as times grow. What made us in the first place and still today hate ourselves and have the oppressors attitude toward ourselves and accept these movies as mere entertainment. Well I can tell you that it wasn't just those pirates that sat sail. It's much more complex than that. It's a system my friend and it reaches further back than the kidnappings from "Africa" or the crusades. Get your oppressors psychology down and know your own history then we will somewhat have a grasp of this system of Racism "White Supremacy."