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Topic subjectyour reasoning boils down to this:
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33579, your reasoning boils down to this:
Posted by The Damaja, Thu Dec-22-05 12:05 PM
'there is rascism in the world. therefore, LOTR is racist'

everytime you bring up some specific racist generalisation, and i tell you why it's wrong, you just move on to another one

so now it's 'the vatican supposedly sheltered nazis, so LOTR is racist'

>Exnazi's took refuge with the Catholic Church in Vatican
>Racism wasn't exclusive to Germany... Fascists were
>everywhere... Fact... In America (which they still are...) and
>let's define racism or fascism to the racist white man... so
>hitler was foul to Americans yet blacks couldn't vote?
>Segregation was legal? Please.. you don't know what your
>talking about at all. Your acting as if Germany was some hell
>hole (which it was) and the rest of the world was all about
>equality... you do realize that your using a Fascist
>definition as defined by racists? haha... I mean be real.

so now it's 'because their was segregation and disenfranchisement in America, LOTR is racist'

not only do you use bullshit premises, but you use bullshit SHIFTING premises

- is British, not American or German or Italian or Spanish
- fought against Germans
- denounced anti-judaism
- denounced interpretations of folk mythology that served racist agendas

why do you never stop and ask yourself 'hmm, maybe i'm wrong about Tolkien, since i've been mistaken about so many things'