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Topic subjectRE: angel cake vs. devil's food
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33575, RE: angel cake vs. devil's food
Posted by auxyray, Thu Dec-22-05 03:17 AM
This is how I see it. On the subject of German fascism, fascism was not singularly a German phenomenon, but rather a European phenomenon. Most countries after WWI in Europe (aside from France and England) had fascist governments. Most of you have treated fascism as though it was isolated to Germany and Italy.

The elements of Tolken's books: mythology, anti-modernism, a return to previous grandeur etc. are themes that reoccurred in European philosophy. The ideas presented in Tolkenís works can be linked to the thought of Hegel, Durkheim, Ortega y Gasset, Schopenhauer, and many more. You cannot isolate Tolkenís works as particularly racist, conservative, anti-modern, mythologizing. Rather, he is part of the European cultural and intellectual tradition.

Achebe made a very similar argument against The Heart of Darkness stating that the book was not worth examining because it was overtly racist. I don't know if The Heart of Darkness and The Lord of the Rings are tenets of bigoted radicalized thinking in Western Cultures, but I do not believe this bars them from being excellent books.