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Topic subjectmy point is you have no point
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33548, my point is you have no point
Posted by foxnesn, Tue Dec-20-05 02:55 PM
>again... try grasping it's purpose...
>and the reason why no one is responding to you is because all
>it takes is just a little ocmmon sense to understand the
>purpose of this post.. I mean you have upteen wonderful
>the point of this post is Subliminal Racism = Peter Jackson's
>Why is that so fucking hard to grasp?
>It's like when white people know something is wrong, they
>dance all around it. No different than Bush getting caught
>for wiretaps and is now blaiming the press for leaks...
>?!!??!?!?! Amazing.
>Just read.... if your so dissapointed in this post (as only a
>superior 'better than you are' white person would be) then
>just sit back and read and don't contribute... we don't need
>YOUR contribution trust...

what the fuck does it matter if jackons's work is according to you subliminal racism? firstly, you cant prove him to be a racist because you dont know how he acts in his day to day activities. you cant point to a million little things in his movies, but it doesnt add up to shit in regards to his personal beliefs. i can argue it all as coincidence and then where would you be? back to the drawing point creating more retarded arguements having to do with absolutely nothing. aqua you are not raising awareness to anything new. racism exists if you want it to, simple as that. why waste a whole fucking thread on it when you could actually be doing something useful. talk about beating a dead horse.second, you cant blame jackson for his work being racist since i can simply argue he is a victim to what society has held up. big deal.