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33542, what for?
Posted by foxnesn, Tue Dec-20-05 10:50 AM
>The depiction of race, class, and gender in film is an
>interesting discussion if people were more willing and able to
>engage but most folks want escapism without critical thought
>about media. This is why teaching media literacy has been such
>a challenge for some of my students. King Kong gives me some
>ideas for next semester. I think both KK and LOTR serve as
>excellent examples of white male supremacy in film...
>If Jackson decided to remake Birth of a Nation would that make
>it any less racist? Everyone I've talked to who has seen KK
>has said there is some element of racism in the film. Most
>will not argue that KK came from a mindset of Jim Crow and
>white supremacy, on the fumes of BON. D.W. Griffith had
>already explored white supremacy in film more than a decade
>later. So fast forward to 2005 and people like to have
>selective amnesia when it comes to KK...both producers and
>viewers but that does not make the story and symbolism any
>less racist.
>I am not attacking Jackson as a person. I am attacking KK and
>the values that still perpetuate white supremacy in the

why attack these values? where will it get you? we all realize movies are still made with racial undertones.