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Topic subjectWho is the moron?
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33540, Who is the moron?
Posted by Nettrice, Tue Dec-20-05 10:42 AM
The depiction of race, class, and gender in film is an interesting discussion if people were more willing and able to engage but most folks want escapism without critical thought about media. This is why teaching media literacy has been such a challenge for some of my students. King Kong gives me some ideas for next semester. I think both KK and LOTR serve as excellent examples of white male supremacy in film...

If Jackson decided to remake Birth of a Nation would that make it any less racist? Everyone I've talked to who has seen KK has said there is some element of racism in the film. Most will not argue that KK came from a mindset of Jim Crow and white supremacy, on the fumes of BON. D.W. Griffith had already explored white supremacy in film more than a decade later. So fast forward to 2005 and people like to have selective amnesia when it comes to KK...both producers and viewers but that does not make the story and symbolism any less racist.

I am not attacking Jackson as a person. I am attacking KK and the values that still perpetuate white supremacy in the media.