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Topic subjecthere is the real question
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33539, here is the real question
Posted by foxnesn, Tue Dec-20-05 10:24 AM
was this movie made purposely with racial undertones/overtones or is the movie a result of societal behavior. if the former, then please make your case proving that peter jackson and the producers of this movie along with the studio owners/operaters are subliminally hating on black people. you cant simply state things that happen in the movie because i can argue coincidence. you actually have to prove they are racist people. they have a history of racism, not in making movies, but in their daily actions and deeds. but since none of you actually knows jackson/producers et al then you have no real arguement here. and if its the latter then you have no room to reason to complain because jackson/producers et al are just victims of society. in conclusion, this debate/conversation is a complete waste of space and time.