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Topic subjectRE: Hmmm... that was straight stupid...
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33531, RE: Hmmm... that was straight stupid...
Posted by 8chtooOh, Tue Dec-20-05 01:54 PM
>first off...
>that's just like a white boy, evade the issue by cracking
Last time I looked, I wasn't white. I thought the post itself was a joke. I really didn't think that something this stupid could be serious. I guess you've proved me wrong.

>Anyone with any sense can see the direct relationship between
>Kong and sexual insecurity and racism in white america.
So, you're basically implying that anyone who doesn't agree with you is basically senseless?

>I guess if he had tried to fuck her you would see it right?
>especially if she had replied 'oh Kong... maybe your name
>should be King Long?'.. would you be offended if she then said
>"never mind my white boyfriend, surely he's not built like you
>King Long"
>would it have offended you then?
If you somehow associate a gorilla with blackness, then you must be white. By the way, a gorilla's skin is pale, only it's hair is black.