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Topic subjectSo you admit that I said he was a kiwi....
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33529, So you admit that I said he was a kiwi....
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 03:09 PM
and yet, in another post you accuse me of claiming he is a brilliant film maker...So which is it? Oh, thats right, in your lucid world of fantasy, you have trouble discerning what actually happens from whatever freakish fantasy you have about you and me...

>All you do is bitch... with nothing to stand behind it.

Take a look in the mirror...then read every post you have ever made..then, tell me who does all the bitching

Now, this should get your garbage post to 100 responses, which i am positive is the point of your feeling the need to reply to people more than once in each post...you happy now doggie? you got that platinum post you yearn for..Now, like i said before, this little thing here, it's done. Don't bother with more lies and baseless attacks, just take the L and deal