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Topic subjectwow, you have no problem making shit up post after post after post
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33523, wow, you have no problem making shit up post after post after post
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 02:46 PM
Damn, am I in your head that much? Like, you play conversations in your head between us that never fuckin happen...You live in a fantasy world doggie...

>And how is it everytime anyone of color discusses a topic
>relevant to them you come around and say "NO, this is stupid
>or ridiculous"... it's a discussion... it's a wonder why the
>moderators haven't pulled you off these boards cause you never
>contribute with anything factual, or philosophical, just
>dumbass statements. But I expect that from you.

There's that baseless dumbass accusation shit again..I am not even gonna address this one, because its a blatant lie, and honestly, you aint worth it...Besides, this discussion is going nowhere, and the fact that your replies make up half of the reponses soeaks volumes about you and this post
I'm done with you here...I'll just wait till your next moronic post and jump right back in..Until then, work on making up more shit in your mind that I supposedly said on these boards, it sure does keep things interesting
Dont bother replying...Done