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Topic subjectactually that's not what I'm saying at all...
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33520, actually that's not what I'm saying at all...
Posted by AquamansWrath, Mon Dec-19-05 02:34 PM
first off... these films deal with more social issues than your giving it credit for. if you look at the origin of both, they were written at a time when racism, over racism was the norm... that's how you ended up with films like

King Kong
Shirley Temple (with her black servants)
Birth of a Nation and so on.

These film scripts/books were created with that same emphasis on good versus evil, black versus white. Too simply overlook that is ridiculous. To simply say there was no point behind these films are even more ridiculous. Have you read any of what the posters have written or are you going to just throw it out the window cause you don't see the need? In other words... 'oh there is no racism there... forget about it'. You see that's the problem with white america to begin with... they don't see any problems until they are facing them. They were comfortable as hell until 911... however people of color have been going through hell the entire time you see.

First let me ask you, are you white?
Please answer that openly and honestly.