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Topic subjectit's called liberal racism... let's discuss your 'hippie geek'
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33511, it's called liberal racism... let's discuss your 'hippie geek'
Posted by AquamansWrath, Mon Dec-19-05 11:57 AM
whether or not he finds any relevance in the film isn't important... the film itself is a vehicle for racism... so let me get this right...
if Steven Spielberg decided to remake "Birth of a Nation"... then I should not be offended? If anything, this proves to me more and more that white males are not only insensitive, but stupid. They care very little about anyone outside of their white world comfort zone...
let me make a film,
starring a all black cast... living in a peaceful society... then here come the white albino guerillas wreaking havoc. Do you think that would be racist? You see whites are only concerned when they are the target... don't matter if Peter Jackson is racist or not... the work of the film... is.