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Topic subjectRE: Let's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
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33510, RE: Let's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
Posted by samiam61182, Mon Dec-19-05 11:25 AM

Ive never posted on here before and generally agree with most which is posted but the racism peter jackson link is just wrong. My old man use to work with this dude back in nz and ive actually meet him before, your assesment if way off. for u to think he doesnt under stand the sub plots of the film he makes is stupid. He's practically a modern hippie that happens to be a film geek. the fact that the lord of the rings doesnt have black people in the cast makes it racist is like saying crouching tiger hidden dragon is racist . tolkien wrote these stories after fighting in ww1 and unless you can prove other wise i dont the british battalion had a large black contingent.