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Topic subjectRE: okay let me try...
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33509, RE: okay let me try...
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 02:31 PM
>Your a dumbass
>Youre a dumbass
>I dunno... they both feel right to me.
Yeah..sounds about right...you unable to grasp even the simplist grammatical concepts..of course, thats the white mans language though, so i understand where you are coming from...way to pick your battles..

>However, I will stop right here... cause as usual... you see
>wonderful conversation going between people on this board...
"wonderful"...haha...something like that.. So, because i am on the other side of your debate, i dont get it, yet anyone who agrees with you is worthy of discussion...makes sense to me

>you not being able to comprehend it, instead... decide to
>discuss everything but the topic as you always do in a piss
>poor effort to sabatoge a great discussion. Enjoy your

Reread the entire fucking post waterboy, over half the responses are in disagreement with you, so how am I discussing everything but the topic, when in reality plenty of other people in this post are taking the other side of the argument as well? Like I said, your M. O is pretty fuckin predictable, and is shining through again in this post

try harder