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Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 01:46 PM
>>Is the director of a movie like "American History X" a
>>Is spielberg a racist for directing Schindlers list?
>American History X is about racism. Schindler's list is about
>the Holocaust but people trying to act like there is no racism
>in the King Kong story and that's the problem IMHO.
Who the hell is claiming that there is NO racism in the movie?
The reason I asked if the director of both of those movies is a racist( a reason Aqua can't quite seem to get his pea brain around) Is because racism occurs in those movies, movies that were existing bodies of work, interpreted by a director..See, this post was not started by waterboy as a discussion of whether or not KK is a rasict movie, he started a post claiming that PJ is a racist for making this movie, and his last movies..All of which were existing works that he interpreted...So, the Director of American History X is not a racist for directing a movie in which a black dude gets a curb sandwhich for being black, yet PJ is a racist for directing a movie in which evil orcs try to take over middle earth and destroy cute little hobbits?
Yeah, that sounds about right....I think I am going to rethink what I said earlier...I said, this post is moronic at best, but instead, i think this entire discussion board is moronic at best.