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Posted by gumz, Sun Dec-18-05 09:23 PM
Oh man, I'm not sure which way the racism is flowing on this one. Is he pushing racism for making a movie about a giant ape that loves a white woman or are you expressing racist views for automatically assuming the ape symbolizes a black man? I think there's gotta be a limit to how much you fish for crazy symbolism. I mean if the woman in the movie was black, I'm sure somebody woulda came out on some "why the ape gotta love black women? are they implying that they are similar to female gorillas?"

And for Lord of the Rings, why not assume that Tolken had a think for little people and felt they should rule the earth? Seems just about as reasonable an assumption dont you think? Why really care that there aren't any black actors in it? Would casting a black man or woman in every movie ever released really solve anything? If you truly think so, you're buggin...but if you dont, then why make a fuss about it when a movie wins some trophies? Just say you thought it sucked and call it a day. A brotha wit some pointy ears fighting orks is not the answer to stopping prejudice in the world.

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