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33493, listen douchebag
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 01:40 PM
First off, I wasnt addressing you, i was addressing Nettrice, so take a walk..Dont you have lizard people to worship?
Second off, I can participate in whatever fuckin post I please..If i dont like what you are saying, im gonna tell it. Like I have said OVER AND OVER AND OVER, yet your thick fuckin skull cannot grasp, is Of course the king kong story is racist, but please aqua, tell us something new..You are breaking no ground by posting this....However, for you to claim that peter jackson is a bigot and racist because he worked with an already existing piece of work if fucking juvenile and ludicrous, which is exactly what i expect coming from your corner.You are a hypocrite and a bigot as well, so I guess that makes you know different from PJ...

>In fact, every post I make you claim it's a dead horse so why
>not just bow out and allow those who are interested to
If I want to discuss something, aint nothing you or anybody can do to keep that from happening...Aint that a bitch for you...

>it's always some whiteboy telling us... "oh there is nothing
>to see here keep it moving"...

Where have I said that...Seriously, I am CHALLENGING you, again, just like every other post where you have put words in my mouth, SHOW where I said there is nothing to this discussion, so lets move on...Here, I'll save your down syndrome ass the time: I said that this post is moronic at best, a post in which you are NOT talking about the paradigms of racism in the movie king kong, but a post in which you are accusing a director who interprets an existing body of work as a racist, which is a fucking baseless accusation( what you make your living on here on these boards)
So, until you can actually prove I said something, keep my name out your mouth and stop making cowardly baseless claims abuot other posters...You can believe whatever the fuck you want about PJ, I dont give a shit, but dont tell me that I said something that I did not say..Clown ass fool

this doesn't even relate to
>you... so why not you just keep it moving heh?
How the fuck does this not relate to me? It is a post on a board I am on, so it relates there...It is a movie released in the country I live, so it relates to me there....Ohh...thats right, it IS related to me...My my, you are a moron
Good luck with all that