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Topic subjectNettrice..I am not saying that there isnt racism in the King Kong film
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33491, Nettrice..I am not saying that there isnt racism in the King Kong film
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 02:27 AM
and nowhere could you prove that I would say such a thing. The king kong/racism topic has been beaten to a fucking bloody pulp on these boards at this point. We all know about the portrayal of the indigenous people, we all know about the sex crazed gorrilla black man who is infatuated with the blond white girl, we all know about the empire st building/penis corollary, none of that is news, nor should it be treated that way on these boards... However, THIS POST is garbage..Another bullshit inflammatory post by Aqua, which is his M.O
The fact that there are over 65 responses to his claims that Peter Jackson is a racist because he did an interpretation of a movie of which parts have been deemed racist is completely ludicrous. He is attacking a director and basically equating him with the KKK simply because he worked with an EXISTING BODY OF WORK...A story that he did not write, a story that he did no create.
For you to even lend creedence to these claims is dissapointing...Like I said in my other post...there are far more pressing issues than whether or not peter jackson is the grand wizard of the KKK simply because aqua claims him to be