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Topic subjectI see no cop-out...
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33485, I see no cop-out...
Posted by te_pakeha, Sun Dec-18-05 02:12 PM
I do see a lot of energy wasted on an issue that only arises if we make a set of assumptions that don't necessarily hold true. Half the problem though is that you won't watch the movie I think, and saying that you've watched the original and the atrocious 70s version I don' think is enough. As a post below mentions, the story has been tweaked: the heroine reacts differently to Kong than previously, the most heroic male in the movie is black, and the indigenous folk act like you'd expect any folk to in similar situations. Yes, there are people in blackface at the beginning, but the movie is set in the 1920s, and in stage shows there were people in blackface...pretending that things were otherwise would be worse surely.

I know you think there are deeper issues, and I'm with you, if not alongside you on them; I just fail to see the big deal here.