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Topic subjectRE: Why pick on Peter Jackson?
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33482, RE: Why pick on Peter Jackson?
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Dec-18-05 01:57 AM
>LoTR was a mythological story for England, hence the main
>protagonists are all fair skinned.

This is understood. I read the books and enjoyed the film series. IMHO King Kong is different. If you remake something based on early racist symbology in Hollywood it doesn't make it any less racist, not matter how "liberal" you claim to be.

>It is a remake from a fan, whom I'm sure has
>never really interpreted it as white supremicist propoganda

Of course he wouldn't.

Specifically, King Kong is about an ape and if you know anything about the the origins of racism in Europe you would know that the reasoning behind much of the enslavement and oppression of colored people was based on symbols of the savage beasts or apes.

>But why Peter Jackson specifically?

Because he remade a movie that opened up some wounds. King Kong still is a misrepresentation of aboriginal/indigenous/phenotypically non-European people in contemporary cinema.