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33474, Interesting...
Posted by Nettrice, Sat Dec-17-05 11:49 AM
>While Tolkien may have had a preference for
>the racial characteristics of his own people, an examination
>of his life, works, and letters suggest that his treatment of
>dark forces in general and Ores in particular is based more on
>an archetypal and Judeo-Christian parameter than a racial one.

However, I can't ignore the "Judeo-Christian parameter" as it relates to colonialism and the spread of white supremacy. This had a lot to do with the misrepresentation of aboriginal/indigenous/phenotypically non-European people in cinema.

>In fact, the central message of his famous work is contrary to
>the central racist presumption, which is that individuals can
>be categorized and judged by their physical, racial

The supremacist's assumption goes beyond race and helps to promote racism, classism, etc.